Recover Tactical® 20/80 Stabilizer Kit for Polymer80 (PF940V2, PF940C, PFC9, PFS9) – Black


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This new version is fully compatible with Polymer80® PF940C™ & PF940v2™ 80% Frame Builds, as well as the PFC9™ & PFS9™ production pistols. Kit comes by default with the Stabilizer Brace only. Choose from the dropdown menus to see what’s included in each bundle. Charging Handles are not reflected in the bundle images. The OEM P80 Charging Handle is visible in some of the product images.

If you will be adding the P80 Charging Handle, please read the info in the description below.

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See real (20/20) user video reviews

The 20/80 Stabilizer Kit with Arm Brace is the first truly affordable stabilizer brace kit available on the market for Polymer80. Here’s what’s included in each kit:

  • 20/80B – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap
  • 20/80S – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, Minimalist Sling, Picatinny Side Rails
  • 20/80H – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, Minimalist Sling, Picatinny Side Rails, G7 Holster w/Pistol Adapter (Can be used without the 20/80 stabilizer brace)
  • 20/80MG – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, Minimalist Sling, Picatinny Side Rails, G7 Holster w/Pistol Adapter (Can be used without the 20/80 stabilizer brace), MG9 Angled Mag Pouch For Glock Magazines


• Ready for use out of the box
• Simple installation (see video)
• Uses the Guns built in sights, no need to calibrate sights
• Compatible with PF940V2, PF940C, PFC9, PFS9
• Compatible with compensators
• Compatible with Red Dot optics
• No pistol disassembly or permanent modifications required
• Ergonomic no modifications required Charging Handle (or charging can be done using a red dot optic) – only relevant if purchasing the kit with the UCH17 Charging Handle
• Lightweight and compact
• Made from glass reinforced polymer
• Modular with optional picatinny rail adapters
• Increases accuracy
• Fully functional with folded armbrace
• Compatible with the G7 proprietary holster
Product Disclaimers

P80 Charging Handle

Polymer80 OEM charging handle design for easy slide racking and quick target acquisition.

  • Made from 17-4 stainless steel
  • Fits in to slide rear site dovetail replacing your rear site
  • Requires removal of rear site in order to install

Please note: all slides will need to remove the sight in order to install the Polymer80 Pistol Charging Handle


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This new version is fully compatible with Polymer80® PF940C™ & PF940v2™ 80% Frame Builds, as well as the PFC9™ & PFS9™ production pistols.

7 reviews for Recover Tactical® 20/80 Stabilizer Kit for Polymer80 (PF940V2, PF940C, PFC9, PFS9) – Black

  1. TJ

    I’ve been waiting for this model since I learned about the 20/20. It was worth the wait, for sure. The brace fits the P80 perfectly. I really like that it completely traps the front of the trigger guard. Overall a great addition to the P80.

  2. David Overdorff (verified owner)

    The brace works perfect. I installed the optic rail and the forward mag holder. Placed a holosun red dot on top and a mission first backup light on the left side rail to keep it low profile. Took it to the range, it performed great I ran multiple 22rd mags thru my 40sw, nothing came loose and it felt very solid. Now I want a large frame polymer 80 version which I hope to see in the future!

  3. Michael Rodman (verified owner)

    I originally bought one of these Recover kits for my oldest brother’s G19, which spurred by interest. I took advantage of the Recover Memorial Day sale and bought one for my P80 Glock type pistol build which has a Holosun red dot optic mounted on the slide already. It worked out great. Super enhanced the use of my pistol and looks great too. Better than the CAA Micro Roni I previously owned.

  4. scottyplag (verified owner)

    Works perfectly out of the box. Very tight lockup, made to very exact specifications.

  5. Noe Ramirez (verified owner)

    If you guy don’t have one already I recommend you purchase one it’s absolutely worth it

  6. clarence campbell (verified owner)

    I’ve got both the Glock version and the P80 version, both have worked out quite well for me. I’m an unbashed fan of pistol based carbine-type weapons and think there is a definite niche for them-the improvement in capability over a standard pistol in effectiveness can’t be overstated. I have a few of these pistol based weapons, up to a B&T USW-A1 (which is the Cadillac of the class and my favorite gun in my collection), and the USW-A1 isn’t $2100 better than a Glock you already own plus a $100 20/20 brace.

    What we are talking about here in practical terms is a PDW sized weapon on the smaller end of that spectrum. It will fit in a glove box fully loaded with a few spare Happy Sticks. It will fit in day pack/urban backpack and not feel like you’re toting a rifle around. Unlike a lot of the PDW pistol conversions, the 20/20 doesn’t have a problem with running a suppressor-which is important if you want to use it as a “house gun” for a wife or “bump in the night” gun that you might have to touch off in a hallway. We are talking about all of the capability of an AR15 in 9mm in a tiny package-you really can get head shots past 120 yards with a setup like this, certainly minute-of-man if you are a decent shooter even past that.

    Assembly and fitment on both of my 20/20 braces has been good. They have both attached securly, but there is some rocking flex at the rear-it’s not a problem in practice. There is also some flex if you really pull into the brace on your shoulder (accidentally, of course), but I suspect this like the rocking flex is a function of the resin they used in order to get a product that is durable and won’t break in cold weather.

    Speaking of cold weather, my experience is that open reflex sights are a bad idea on these because you tend to carry them muzzle-down outdoors. That means they fill up with rain, snow, and ice as well as fog up inside the lens. Wiping out with a T-shirt just smears it around in humid weather near freezing-you want a sealed unit like the Holosun 509T, Aimpoint Acro etc. for one of these, preferrably the Holosun.

    If I had a list of things I wish Recover would change, they would be:

    1) Fix the clearance issue between the side rails and where red dots interfere. Both my SRO and my Holosun rub the sides of the brace frame, and the SRO actually rubs the rubber buttons. It would be an easy change to make to the molds by just adding an insert in the affected area.

    2) Offer a fixed picatinny mount over the rear of the gun like the USW has. This would allow for the use of fixed Prism sights with short eye relief

    2) Make a version that has a tool-less take down and no provision for interfacing with the holster system. The current product puts weapon lights very low, to the point that brands with a rocker switch aren’t practical and forcing customers to use models they may not like simply because they have pressure pads. by eliminating the holster interface, the light rail could be much higher and in a more normal position. A tool-less takedown capability would be a positive selling point for people who can’t afford or can’t have more than one gun for whatever reason. An Apartment dweller needs to buy a second handgun dedicated to the 20/20 brace so he doesn’t have to give up his CCW gun.

    I closing, I think 20/20 needs to widen it’s marketing. Sure, they will sell quite a few to “gun guys”, but there is a whole country full of people who for whatever reason can only have one gun. Maybe it’s because of a reticent wife, maybe it’s the practicality of keeping one gun in a house full of kids, maybe it’s money. But they do have a handgun, and that handgun isn’t practiced with much to the point that adding a stabilizing brace would significantly help the casual gun owner and his wife employ that home protection handgun effectively. IMO, Recoil should be advertising in men’s magazines and websites that men in their 20’s thru 40’s frequent.

    Speaking of Advertising, I’m very active and involved in the gun community both online and as a competitive 2-gun and USPSA shooter. I’ve had my Glock brace for some time and I had heard that the P80 and M&P versions of this brace were coming months ago and then nothing…. I only found out they were available by stumbling thru your website out of boredom. You need to find a way to let people know these are out there and ready to buy.

    Bottom line, this is a great product that delivers on it’s promise and is priced well. It’s close to perfect out of the box and only needs very minor improvements. I hope to try one of these on one of my M&P’s in the future.

    C. D. Campbell

  7. Dave Scheeter (verified owner)

    I like the product a lot, it’s a very useful tool for when I take my kids shooting with me, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also a lot of fun to use. I’m a big fan of my halflings having four points of contact vs. two, on the gun. I had to use a Dremel tool to make room for an aftermarket slide release, it took all of 3 minutes to fix and now there are no malfunctions. I like the product and would recommend it to others.


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Product Disclaimer

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