Recover Tactical Brace Upper Rail – Compatible w/ All Recover Stabilizers

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  • Compatible with all Recover Tactical Stabilizer Braces
  • Allows adding of optics to your 20/20 Series Stabilizer
  • MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail
  • Easy to install with supplied hardware
  • Increases accuracy
  • Made from glass-reinforced polymer
  • Comes with an Integral Side Picatinny Rail
  • Weight: 25g

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30 reviews for Recover Tactical Brace Upper Rail – Compatible w/ All Recover Stabilizers

  1. Frank (verified owner)

    Just received my upper rail for my 22/20 brace. Put a red dot sight on it and the whole package is fabulous‼️ My whole thing right now is improving my accuracy with my G19 because my marksmanship is not what it used to be. The new upper rail, 20/20 brace, red dot combination has me shooting with much improved consistent accuracy.
    Wyatt Earp said it best….”fast is fine, but accuracy is final”.
    Well Done RecoverTactical‼️

  2. Frank (verified owner)

    I forgot to mention the superior quality of not only the Upper Rail, but also the 20/20 Brace and the MG9 Mag Holder. Everything fits tight, no rattling, very, very well designed.
    I highly recommend these products, they are really ingenious ‼️

  3. Jonathan Plumb (verified owner)

    Rail arrived promptly and was an easy install. I would have liked a saddle “C” style mounting style rather than the one side mount. I’m sure they had a reason for the rail only mounting on one side but for me, I’d like to see less flex with mounting screws on both sides of the 20/20

  4. neal price (verified owner)

    Love the item ! Service is a problem. Item out date was September 30,2020, no email when date changed to October 14,2020 , got email on 14th saying item was processed. then get email on 15th item was sent . i checked at end of day for shipping information no information so i sent email to service dept. for answer I have attached email.
    i sent email asking about tracking , tracking information is incorrect , 397863274792 for fedex or you have not shipped it ?
    reply to my email -It is correct, they need to pick it up first, it is not instantaneous

    Thank you
    Mike R

    my reply -ok, i have been waiting i pre ordered this when it first came out on your web site, i want the item . i ordered it with the expectation of having it by now. so you being an intellectual rectum with you answer is a little much. your email telling me it was ship was sent at 11:03am my time so one would think it was picked up sometime during the day today. so i checked to see if it was shipped and i found it had not so i reported the problem to you when i found no information on the item. sorry for the inconvenience with this matter.

    i further think they should give both rails for the price of this item not just one attached to site rail . i know they are in it for the money but damm what about the customer

  5. Jeffrey Hopkins (verified owner)

    Great addition to the 20/20 brace. Adding a holographic sight at this position to this set up is a big game changer.

  6. Lynn Blaine (verified owner)

    Works great at aligning red dot with field of view. Much quicker acquisition. Another great product from Israel.

  7. Angel Colon (verified owner)

    I just receive the item last week and I loved. The item quality is perfect and easy to install I decide to put a red dot look perfect no issues at all. Still I have to try in the range but so far is good. I recomended if you want something different and good quality this is the place. Also the shipping was fast too.

  8. Kit (verified owner)

    This rail mount is perfect to add a RDS to this 20/20 chassis without having to buy suppressor height sights to work with the existing brace if you don’t have a MOS Glock. Any micro/compact RDS will work great with it. I put a RMR red dot and it is nice and compact.

  9. Stan McGill (verified owner)

    Was very excited to get this. Perfect fit. Mounted a sight and it’s the perfect natural height. My 20/20 is now complete. Would recommend it to everybody.

  10. M Woods (verified owner)

    This is a real “Game Changer” for the 20/20! Absolutely love it!
    Thank you.

  11. Giles Mitchell (verified owner)

    This product is Genius, it gave me the capability of placing a red dot on the Glock without modification. Excellent price and shipping was super fast. These folks are Great. Gives fast acquisition to the red dot. I LOVE it. IT SEXY. Semper Fi

  12. Robert Maddocks

    I was simply blown away by the well-designed engineering compatibility of the Recover Tactical 20/20 with both my Glock 34 and Glock 19 Gen 4s. Both handguns are equipped with Vortex Venom red dots and ICE magazine wells and operate flawlessly with the 20/20. Accuracy using the brace in the PDW mode is quite frankly astonishing. Recover products are irrefutably durable, ingeniously engineered, and incredibly well made. Highly recommend this product. Warmest Semper Fi and Shalom, Bob (Colorado Springs)

  13. Ian Carney (verified owner)

    This entire system is amazing!!! I have it on my 19x with an omega 9k and Romeo5 sight. Great for work if you work in an armed capacity, I have also had great customer service as Fed Ex dropped the ball recover tactical fixed it immediately in time for me to have my entire system ready for work!!! I will be supporting this company and product to the fullest. Thanks Recover tactical!!!!!

  14. Larry Pohovich (verified owner)

    Love the tactical brace with my long slide Glock 24. Added the upper rail and it fits perfect. I like the idea that my optic won’t be slamming back and forth like a slide mounted optic and I can still use my nite sites while anything else is mounted. Great design and idea.

  15. James Galt-Brown (verified owner)

    Installed mine this week. I had run a Glock 19 with a Trijicon RMR =mounted to the slide. I found it a bit too low, and uncomfortable to shoot. This new rail is orders of magnitude more comfortable, and faster to align. I switched out the RMR mounted Glock, and installed another one, with the optic mounted on the rail. MUCH more satisfactory.

  16. Gary Raster (verified owner)

    Purchased to install micro red dot. Easy install and works perfectly. The wife has a new favorite firearm. Happy wife, happy life!

  17. JSOCitizen (verified owner)

    I didn’t buy a 20/20 originally because I didn’t have a RMR cut slide or MOS Glock and didn’t feel like spending the $500+ to get a whole new gun or buy a slide and having an extra factory slide.

    For $30, this allows me to put on a $150 Crossfire and be done with it for cheaper than even just buying a RMR cut slide plus the cost of a RMR which would be $300+ at least.

    It’s a solidly mounted unit and it’s at the perfect height when you use a low mount which is perfect eye height. The see through design lets you still use the iron sights when you get up and close for CQB while the RDS lets you reach out with more accuracy and confidence.

    Glad when I checked back with this site, I saw the top rail mount come out so I bought the 20/20 and top rail, ordered a Crossfire, and I was done with the package. Great product.

    Now the only worry I have is that Recover Tactical will come out with a new improved top rail design somehow and I have to debate buying that and discarding this.

  18. James Young (verified owner)

    Great addition to the Recover Tac 2020, it makes it easy to acquire a target without adjusting your head to see through the Glock sites, perfect tool for a red dot, however the reason I only gave it 4 starts is I wish it was aluminum rather than polymer. Now issue using the holster with the red dot attached, makes a great sub-gun when needed. Another great accessory.

  19. Cory Carlson (verified owner)

    I like the idea of the mount, but it’s way too flexible to only mount to one side. It really should be made from aluminum.

  20. Michael Bane

    Great addition! Will be building a Glock “carbine” off the platform. Watch for it on TRIGGERED on

  21. Dung Nguyen (verified owner)

    Perfect combination with the cheek rest combo. Let’s you line up your target quicker with your red dot scopes.

  22. Al Lakosky (verified owner)

    Unlike another manufacturer of a similar item, the Recover allows you mount a red dot on the frame securely without the wiggle of the other guys. I was standing at 15 yards, (I never sight my handguns farther due to if you need to take a longer shot, grab your primary weapon, the rifle.) After just a couple rounds of flawless firing on my Glock 21, I was pleasantly surprised to see groups touching each other from a standing position! This is really good considering the Glock 21 has an awful trigger pull out of the box stock which mine is. No shots were outside of the size of a tennis ball with reloaded .45 ACP. I couldn’t be happier and frankly I was pleasantly surprised. I now have the ultimate self defense, squirrel shooting machine. Good job guys at Recover from an owner of both systems!

  23. Cliff (verified owner)

    I recently purchased my 20/20 recover, and installed my Glock 22 with a 9mm conversion. My kit did not include the UR20-P sight brace. I was not too happy with how far I had to bring my head down to see the sights. In our shop I noticed the UR20-P bracket on another kit, so I went to the web sight an ordered it. What a different platform, I mounted a Firefield light weight red dot, cheap but holds up well to 9mm recoil. This is a very lightweight, however sturdy platform for launching 9mm rounds out to 50 yards accurately, from a 4″ barrel. very happy with the whole package. THANK YOU

  24. Bob (verified owner)

    It was easy to mount and now I can use whatever scope or any type of add on sight I choose. Great product!

  25. TJW (verified owner)

    Ok, some people who have the Recover 20/20 and use it with hard sights or a pistol red dot say it is okay, but too tight, too restrictive…
    Well, add the upper rail with a Holosun Red Dot or other that stands up an inch or two and GIDDY-UP!!
    Adding the rail and red dot and this is very accurate at 25-50+ yards and a blast to shoot!

  26. TJW (verified owner)

    So…. I had stopped to test a gun out very quickly today while my wife waited in the car (New Mexico mountains). After that I pulled out the Recover 20/20 with the upper rail and a Holosun Red Dot and asked my wife to try it. She fiddled around a bit with the Recover and then shot the full magazine. I reloaded it and she emptied it again. I reloaded. She emptied. Load. Empty.
    Yeah. I’d say it passed!!

  27. Ralph Francis (verified owner)

    Great product to go with the Recover 20/20. The Upper Rail allowed for my optic install while still being able to use the gun sights. Can’t wait to get it to the range.

  28. Danny (verified owner)

    No long winded review here. Bought it to mount an optic, did the trick, optic stayed put. Would be cool if it connected on both sides, as I’m kind of ocd about my guns being symmetrical, but, again it does the trick, the price is right..what more can I say?

  29. Ryan (verified owner)

    Light weight but does flex, however seems to hold a pretty good zero, looks to be high enough for suppressor sights.

  30. jimbo (verified owner)

    Works BUT, it does have a little flex to it. I think it is part framework and part mount, the only way to rid the flex is to have support in the frame and in the mount(like a backbone)SO far its still holding zero.

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Customer Questions and Answers

    I purchased the tactical brace upper rail for my 20/20 Glock stabilizer. The upper rail is missing the little tab that fits over the stabilizer as shown in the instructions. It looks like the tab was milled off, so the upper rail has only two attachment points: the screw and the pin. Is the removal of this tab a design change on your part? Or perhaps I received a used upper rail that someone had modified to remove the tab?
  1. 0 votes
    Q I purchased the tactical brace upper rail for my 20/20 Glock stabilizer. The upper rail is missin...... Read more answer now

    Sounds like it might be a defective product. Please send photos of the unit you received and this message to [email protected] and they will help you.

  2. Will the 20/21 upper rail fit a 20/20 system? I've seen them marketed as universal (i.e. the upper rail is advertised to fit 20/20 and 20/21 braces).
  3. 0 votes
    Q Will the 20/21 upper rail fit a 20/20 system? I've seen them marketed as universal (i.e. the uppe...... Read more answer now

    No. The UR20 fits all our braces except the 20/21. The UR21 fits the 20/21

  4. does it come with 2 side picatinny rails
  5. 0 votes
    Q does it come with 2 side picatinny rails answer now

    It comes with 1. You can order additional side rails here.

  6. Can I use this to mount a hunting handgun scope?
  7. 0 votes
    Q Can I use this to mount a hunting handgun scope? answer now

    Yes, if it has a pic rail mount.

  8. Will this fit the 1911 stabilizer?
  9. 0 votes
    Q Will this fit the 1911 stabilizer? answer now

    Yes it does

  10. I’m having ejection problems with the upper rail on. I’ve got a g19 and it sometimes knocks the spent shell back into the chamber. Using FMJ and super sonic ammo. Just doesn’t seem to always clear.
  11. 0 votes
    Q I’m having ejection problems with the upper rail on. I’ve got a g19 and it sometimes knocks the s...... Read more answer now

    Hmmm, this is the first we are hearing of an issue like this. Wondering if there is some slight error in the Stabilizer install that is causing the issue. Please photograph your setup, send an email to [email protected] and we will help you figure this out.

  12. will this fit the polymer 80 brace you offer?
  13. 0 votes
    Q will this fit the polymer 80 brace you offer? answer now

    Yes. It is compatible

  14. My upper rail is not parallel with the slide on my Glock 17. Did I do something wrong?
  15. 0 votes
    Q My upper rail is not parallel with the slide on my Glock 17. Did I do something wrong? answer now
    A It should align. It may be a flaw in the product in which case we can send you a new one. Please send an email to [email protected]

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