Frontline Open Top Kydex New Generation Paddle Holster for the Beretta 92 with the BC2 Grip and Rail System

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Frontline Open Top Kydex Paddle Holster

As the official holsters of Israel's military and law enforcement, Front Line Holsters are among the finest in the world. Designed in cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces, these holsters clearly benefit from Front Line experience. Several generations of Israeli soldiers, special operations troops, law enforcement personnel, and civilians have used and trusted Front Line holsters.

  • Open design for fast draw
  • KNG, 5 layer molded holster
  • Durable Kydex combined with perfect protection to the gun
  • Includes two tension screws
  • Molded Paddle fits up to 1.75” (45mm) belts.
PADDLE VERSION - The Front Line KNG Paddle Holster is extremely lightweight for comfortable everyday carry. The paddle is connected to the holster by two screws enabling you to change the carrying angle according to your needs. Simply adjust the screws to the preferable angle, from vertical carrying to cross draw position. Optional: Insert your belt via your pants loop into the provided "window" while carrying the paddle holster outside your pants. Molded Paddle fits up to 1.75" (45mm) belts.
MATERIAL - KNG (Kydex New Generation) is an advanced multi-layer material developed by Front Line. After many years of experience with Front Line NG products, the KNG line offers improved molded products, including Kydex as a firm tough durable external shell for long-lasting retention. KNG holsters offer all the benefits of Kydex holsters combined with perfect fit and the best possible protection for the finish of your pistol. The KNG line includes tactical, law enforcement, and carry holsters.
LIFETIME WARRANTY - All Front Line products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a Lifetime Guarantee!