UCH21 Glock Upper Charging Handle – Comes with Lower and Upper Profile Charging Handles


The UCH21 Upper Charging Handle for all generations of the Glock 20, 21, 30,40,41 is the easiest way to charge your Glock without needing to modify your pistol. Installation is simple and can be mounted to your Glock in under 2 minutes with the supplied hardware and tool. Comes with one high profile Charging Handle top, one low profile Charging Handle top, and one base.

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• Installation requires no modifications to your pistol
• Remains holster compatible
• Doesn’t impede with the pistol’s sights (not RMR or MOA compatible)
• Installs in under 2 minutes with the supplied hardware
• Lightweight glass-reinforced polymer
• Comes with 2 Charging Handles, the Upper Enhanced Charging Handle as well as the low profile GCH21

Charging Handles are covered by US Patent US10782081

5 reviews for UCH21 Glock Upper Charging Handle – Comes with Lower and Upper Profile Charging Handles

  1. Feliciano Cortes (verified owner)

    The Charging Handles for a large frame Glock 20 works very well and looks great on my Glock 20
    and at good price

  2. Wesley Bodenhamer (verified owner)

    I have been waiting for these to come out, I have them on my baby glock…compact 9mm, both my Glock 19’s now on my Glock 30 (.45) and I will soon have it on my Glock 21. I am 67 and after years of working with my hands, they have lost their strength and are arthritic, and these Charging Handles have made shooting a lot more enjoyable. And look fine and don’t interfere with my holsters. Great Product!

  3. Pete Fingerson (verified owner)

    I put one of these on my Glock 34, and loved it. I had been waiting for them to make one for a large frame and even emailed them to request it. I was told that it would be coming out a month later. I now have one on my Glock 40 and it is awesome!

  4. Gordon Collins (verified owner)

    I love this thing! I’ve aged (a bit) and developed arthritis in my metacarpophalangeal thumb joint. This condition has caused a good deal of problems racking the slides of all my pistols (Glock snob). The UCH21 has given me the opportunity to very easily rack the slide of my G-30 and go back to the range. I chose to just use the lower portion and I’m very pleased. My G-21 will get its UH21 racker installed in short order. The installation process is easy-peasy.

  5. Karl R Hopfer (verified owner)

    My old, arthritic hands were having a bit of trouble racking the slide on my G21. I bought this along with the rail mount adapter. The charging handle was a little hard to get on the slide at first. I discovered this is not designed to work with adjustable target sights that over hang the back of the slide. After a few minutes with a file to notch down the rear of the upper handle piece it cleared the rear sight and mounted OK. Once on correctly and screwed together it is a nice addition to my G21. Much easier to rack the slide. I highly recommend this addition, but just be aware it will take some modification if you have a rear sight larger than the stock rear sight.

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