GCH Charging Handle for the Glock 17/19/22/23/24/26/27/35


The Charging Handle for the Glock 17/19/22/23/24/26/27/35 aids with racking the slide.  Instruction is simple and requires no permanent modifications to your firearm and takes minutes to install without the need for a gunsmith.

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Charging Handles are covered by US Patent US10782081


  • Allows for a more ergonomic charge of your gun
  • No protruding parts to snag on clothes or holster
  • Simple installation
  • Won’t damage your firearm


  • Glass reinforced polymer
  • Weight – 20gr
  • Fits Glock 17/19/22/23/24/26/27/35 (except 5th generation Glock 22 and 23)


  • Safety check your gun
  • Lock your slide to the rear
  • Insert the lower and upper parts of the charger to the slide serrations.
  • Secure with supplied hardware.

Fit Chart

Glock 17 – All Generations
Glock 19 – All Generations
Glock 22 – All Generations Except 5th Generation
Glock 23 – All Generations Except 5th Generation
Glock 24 – All Generations
Glock 26 – All Generations
Glock 27 – All Generations
Glock 35 – All Generations

7 reviews for GCH Charging Handle for the Glock 17/19/22/23/24/26/27/35

  1. Ed Horsley (verified owner)

    Hi, I recently purchased this item for my G19 as I have RA in my hands and had difficulties racking my slide. This thing has made it very easy to manipulate my slide and I love that it pretty aerodynamic looking also! I’ve tried a couple others that worked but were to big or just looked strange on my Glock. I want to thank you for making such a helpful and sleek looking helper for my old hands! I will be purchasing some of your other items shortly, and hope they are as good and easy to install as this. Thank you for making my life easier with your products! I will be recommending this and your website to all my friends that enjoy shooting. Sincerely Ed Horsley

  2. Jeff Mandrell

    Excellent product! I’ve struggled with semi-auto slides, my off hand side, hand is missing 1 finger and none of the other 3 are 100%, this device is the ultimate accessory for folks with dexterity issues!!!!

  3. Laura

    This is the best money I’ve spent on along time on my Glock 43x. This has made such a difference when racking etc. This product also came fast, great product.

  4. John L Gulledge (verified owner)

    I have to say, this charging handle is amazing. I’ve never had a problem working the slide on any firearm, but now, I have “MS” and working the slide on my Glock 22 has become very difficult. My charging handle came in today, very easy installation, and my problem was solved. If your thinking about getting one, do yourself a huge favor and do it. I really can’t say enough good things about this product. Recover Tactical, thank you for making this available, and thanks for the fast shipment.

  5. Herbert McDonald (verified owner)

    Great item that I’ve added to all of my Glocks. So far not one problem with racking the slide, or any recoil problems. When I buy another Glock this item will be my 1st modification added.
    H. McDonald.

  6. John L Gulledge (verified owner)

    After ordering one of these charging handles about a month ago, for a G22, I was so happy with it, that I ordered another for my G17. As with the first charging handle, good fast shipping, and performs perfectly! ~John

  7. John

    Excellent product for my Glock!! I have a bad shoulder, makes loading, clearing, and locking back much easier.

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