GCH42 Charging Handle For The Glock 42

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The Charging Handle for the Glock 42 aids with racking the slide. Instruction is simple, requires no permanent modifications to your firearm and takes minutes to install without the need for a gunsmith (Compatible with OEM Glock slides only).




Charging Handles are covered by US Patent US10782081


  • Allows for a more ergonomic charge of your gun
  • No protruding parts to snag on clothes or holster
  • Simple installation
  • Won’t damage your firearm


GCH For The Glock 42 Charging Handle


  • Glass reinforced polymer
  • Weight – 20gr
  • Fits Glock 42

GCH For The Glock 42 Charging Handle


  • Safety check your gun
  • Lock your slide to the rear
  • Insert the lower and upper parts of the charger to the slide serrations.
  • Secure with supplied hardware.

10 reviews for GCH42 Charging Handle For The Glock 42

  1. Gregory Grauzer (verified owner)

    Just installed this system on my wife’s Glock 42. It is awesome and I highly recommend it. The 42 serrations on the slide are located at the back of the slide and are sometimes difficult to get a good grip. This system makes racking a breeze.

  2. Robert Lane (verified owner)

    First, it’s important to understand I carry un-chambered as an extra safety precaution. I’ve purchased every charging handle on the market for the Glock 42 and HANDS DOWN, the GCH42 is the most comfortable, easy to install and effective charging handle you can add to your Glock 42. My cycle times and “on target” times have been cut in half by adding this beauty to my daily carry gun. Thank you Recover Tactile for the intelligent design and wonder item.

  3. Gregory Grauzer (verified owner)

    Great product, works perfectly!

  4. Carl Taylor (verified owner)

    Bought one of these to try out for my father who has lost some grip strength. Very easy to install and now he can rack the slide. After trying it out, bought 3 more!

  5. Dennis Geary (verified owner)

    As always, well made and designed product! I will keep buying from Recover!

  6. Hiram Escabi (verified owner)

    Makes racking the Glock 42 slide much easier since the Glock 42 slide is small and doesn’t have enough real-estate to grab.

  7. Richard Schulte (verified owner)

    Installed on my daily carry Glock 42. Much better to grab a hold of than the Vickers Tactical I was using. Only down side is with the handle attached to the slide and the G42 rail attached to the body, the gun cannot be assembled or disassembled. The edges of the two pieces interfere before the front locking block. One or the other needs to be removed.

  8. Andy (verified owner)

    Great item! The Glock 42 is a great gun but it’s small and I found it hard to rack with my arthritis. The charging handle makes all the difference in the world! Much easier to rack and run the slide stop.

  9. Alan Stone (verified owner)

    My wife and I have some arthritis in our hands and racking a slide quickly was becoming difficult. This product was just what we needed. We can quickly and safely rack the slide. Very sturdy, easy to install and doesn’t hang up on the holster. Highly recommend this product.

  10. Robert Lloyd (verified owner)

    Great product. Easy to install and makes the Glock 42 even smoother to operate. With the narrow slide, it makes the gun much simpler to rake the slide back. Very cleaver idea.

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    Will this fit glock 48
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    Q Will this fit glock 48 answer now

    No. But the GR48 will

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