ReCover Tactical is very excited for 2017, and the main reason being is that we are going to be releasing 7 new products in the coming months!  ReCover will be coming out with rails for the Glock 43, 26, and SW Shield as well as new grip and rail systems for the Browning Hi-Power and 1911 Compact.  Our flagship CC3H 1911 Grip and Rail System will be undergoing a redesign and will be rebranded as the CC3HS, and last but not least, the product which I am most excited about is the GCH Glock Charging Handle.

Here is a short video showing the GCH Glock Charging Handle in action –

Glock Charging Handle GCH

Glock GCH Charging Handle

Glock 26 Rail Adapter

glock 26 rail adapter gr26

Glock 43 Rail Adapter

glock 43 rail adapter gr43

Hi-Power Grip and Rail System

hpc hi power grip and rail system rail adapter

SW Shield Rail Adapter

smith and wesson shield rail adapter

CC3HS Grip and Rail System for the 1911

CC3C Grip and Rail System for the Compact 1911

cc3c 1911 compact grip and rail system rail adapter

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