How to Install the ReCover Grip and Rail System on your 1911

In order to install your new ReCover CC3 grip and rail system on your 1911, simply follow these 3 easy steps. Total estimated installation time is about four minutes.

No Gunsmithing or permanent alterations are required and you can remove your ReCover at any time in just two minutes.


1) Remove your current grip. Be sure to put the screws in a safe place.

2) Place the ReCover over your gun so that both sides are aligned to each other.

3) Using the original screws that you remove from our gun in step 1, screw the new ReCover CC3 grip onto the frame of your gun.

4) Using allen wrench, screws and bolts that came with your ReCover, tighten the screw and bolt into the hole on the trigger guard. Next, insert and tighten the screw and bolt in the hole through the rail.

That’s it. You’re done!

When you are finished your ReCover grip and rail should fit perfectly flush on your guns. You are now ready to attach your favorite accessory to your pistol.

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