Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which models does the 1911 CC3 Grip fit on?
Answer: The Recover CC3 was carefully designed to fit on any standard model 1911 pistol. We have tested it on many different model 1911s and it fits like a glove.  
There are known fit issues on some Rock Island Armory GI 1911, and on some Taurus PT1911 models, we find around 10% of these guns have fit issues.

Question: Do you have a holster that works with a Recovered 1911?
Answer: Yes, We sell the HC11 holster designed to fit with any 1911 that has the CC3H grip and rail system. You can purchase the holster here. We will release a holster for the Beretta later in the year.

Question: What is the shortest barrel and grip size that 1911 CC3 Grip will fit on?
Answer:  We have tested the CC3 Grip to fit on all barrel sizes down to the 4.25″ Colt Commander, shorter than that and the CC3 Grip rail will be too long for the barrel and will overhang.  
The CC3 Grip will not fit on a Colt Defender series or any other 1911 with a 3″ barrel or barrel less than 4″.  As for grip sizes, the CC3 Grip will not fit on Sig 1911 C3 and other compact grip guns like the Officer’s ACP.  For example
standard 1911 height is 5.7″, 1911 C3 is 4.8″ and therefore compact sizes will not accept the CC3 Grip since the grip screws don’t align and the rail would over hang.  

Pictured below is a Colt Commander 4.25″ barrel with about a .25″ barrel clearance 

Question: Will The 1911 CC3 grip fit on a compact Officer’s frame or a Double Stack frame?  

No it will not fit on anything besides full sized frames or a full sized frame with a shorter barrel ie Commander.

Question: What is the weight and dimensions of the CC3 Grip? 
Answer: 65 Grams, will cause a negligible weight increase to your gun, but will give your hand a fuller more rounded grip around the frame, similar to a polymer framed gun. 

Comment: The ReCover is going to be huge and therefore ruin my 1911 for conceal carry purposes.
Reply: The ReCover CC3 is basically the same thickness around the center – 1 1/4″ – as a 1911 with regular original grips.  The ReCover CC3 adds the same amount of thickness
to the front strap as standard wrap around style grip.


Question: How do you install the CC3 grip?
Answer: You can find step by step instructions (including a video) for installing the Recover CC3 grip and rail system here.

Question: Does the CC3 grip come with screws to attach it?
The Recover CC3 comes with hardware for the trigger guard and the rail. However, due to the different sizes of screws used in different model 1911 pistols, we do not include screws for the grips. You should use the screws that were used on your original grip.
Question: What type of material is the CC3 grip made of?
Answer: The Recover CC3 grip and rail system is made of the same high-grade polymer composite that is used by many polymer gun manufacturers.  It is produced on the same manufacturing line used by many large gun polymer gun manufacturers.  The Recover CC3 is manufactured in Israel, in a factory known for it’s weapon’s grade polymers.

Question: Can the CC3 grip damage my gun in any way?
Answer: No. Proper installation and use of the Recover grip and rail will not cause any damage to your gun. There are no modifications required to install the Recover and the high-grade polymer composite will not scratch the metal.
Question: Does Recover Tactical make similar grips for other models of guns?
Answer: Yes, for the Beretta 92 series of pistol.

Question: What colors does the CC3 grip come in?
Answer: The Recover CC3 grip and rail systems currently comes in four colors: Black, Olive Drab, Desert Sand, Camo.

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