Kydex Holster for the Beretta 92 with the BC2 Grip and Rail System

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With a simple hardware change, this model holster can be worn IWB as well. We use injection molded belt wings or loops on this model.  This allows us to make the holster narrower which makes it more comfortable.  All the OWB holsters are available in a standard 15 degree forward cant, a zero degree cant. We offer a lifetime warranty against defects and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.
  • These holsters are molded with the curve already in it so it conforms to your body better than previous OWB Kydex holsters.  
  • It is made with a 90/10 split. 
  • The back of the holster is almost smooth to make the holster very comfortable even with the largest weapons.  
  • Material: 0.080 Kydex.