Recover Tactical

Before & after

The Recover CC3 Grip and rail adapter is the easiest and most effective way to transform the look of your gun and to add a full-length picatinny rail to your 1911 pistol.
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Easy 3 Minute Installation

The Recover Grip and Rail System can be easily installed on your 1911 in under five minutes. Installation does not require assistance from a gunsmith and no permanent modification are required to be made to your gun.

To install, simply unscrew your old grip and screw your new Recover on in its place. For more detailed instructions, click here.

This video shows just how fast and easy the Recover is to install.

Product Specs

The Recover CC3 grip and rail adapter is made of high-grade polymer composite and is engineered to fit perfectly on any standard sized model of 1911 pistol.

  • Weight: ~65 grams.
  • Rail Length: 4.5 cm
  • Available Colors: Black, Olive Drab & Desert Sand
  • Designed and Manufactured in Israel
  • Works with Ambi-Safety models

About Recover

The Recover CC3 was designed by world renowned Israeli weapons engineer Tamir Porat. Tamir has a long history of designing innovative weapons systems including the new Tavor Rifle used by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Tamir founded Recover Tactical in order to bring his vision for simple, affordable and highly functional weapons accessories to the broader shooting community. Read more